Jane Shaw

United Kingdom

Jane Shaw is passionate about the portrayal of both animals and humans, often working directly from life, focusing on movement and the overall essence of her subject. After completing a degree in History of Art at Manchester University, Jane spent her early career with a firm of Fine Art Valuers and Consultants travelling and living abroad. On moving to Dorset in 2013, she revived her love for sculpture, inspired by her lifelong interest in wildlife and the outdoors. Jane works in a variety of materials such as plaster, wax or clay depending on what she is trying to achieve. In 2015, she was awarded First Prize for her sculpture of a Racing Greyhound at the Bath & West Show and then won the same award in 2016 for her sculpture of a Hare’s Head – ‘All Ears’. Jane continues on her own sculpture projects, producing work in both bronze and bronze resin and is now beginning to develop larger-scale projects in plaster which can be cast in bronze or resin for the outdoors. Alongside her sculpting career, Jane runs ‘Art 4 All’ which is an art class, designed for individuals who feel isolated from their community through mental illness, or disability where art can assist them either physically, mentally (or both) in expressing themselves and overcoming challenges.      

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Artwork by Jane Shaw