Jane Human

United Kingdom

Jane Human’s landscape-inspired paintings and prints are characterised by a strong sense of place, and by the desire to exploit a rich tapestry of both abstract and representational elements in her work. These pieces develop through subtle explorations of colour, texture, rhythm and from careful observation. She says “I am frequently drawn to coastal or watery terrain and transient shifting vistas, vast spaces anchored by the horizon, where one can explore the connections between land, sea, and sky. I am most inspired by quiet lands, wide skies and horizontal flow, where interest is to be found in subtle texture, passing light, fleeting reflections, unexpected colour; landscape which reveals it’s beauty slowly and rewards patient looking. My working process is a contemplative one and I hope this will infiltrate the final pieces as I aim to construct a space and place which can be lingered within, and which will engage on both an abstract and a figurative level.” Jane’s unique working processes often utilise a 1940s offset litho press by which she builds layers of painted and monoprinted marks over many weeks until the image resolves and a textural richness develops. She frequently works in series, allowing for the possibility of differing interpretations of a theme as alternative versions develop. Jane is now based in Norfolk. Her work has been selected for many prestigious national exhibitions and she exhibits widely in the UK. Her work is held in public, private and corporate collections worldwide.

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Artwork by Jane Human