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Jaime Lieberman



Jaime Lieberman began to practise photography at the age of 16. Since then he has been experimenting with a dream-like style that moves away from the conventionalism. In talking about his work Jaime states “In my work, I try to represent everyday life through a symbolic language where every element has an implicit meaning. I try to make each image becomes a universe in itself. In a technical plane, I have developed a very personal method for illuminating and therefore achieving a light that does not follow the laws of physics but my will, transforming the light into the brush that gives life through the darkness to my photography. This time I present "Abstract Geometry". These photographs are pieces of methacrylate with a simple geometry, which I set up to build subjective compositions in an unreal space. Meticulously, as if it were a surgery with a scalpel, I illuminated different areas of the image . Later in the post-production, I assembled the images as if they were a puzzle rescuing the lights and shadows that I am interested in emphasizing. In nutshell, they are figures that fly in the emptiness and thanks to the translucent quality of the material, when they are illuminated in all directions the light diffracts to create a parallel universe.”

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