Jad El Khoury

United Kingdom

Jad El Khoury was born in Baabda, Lebanon in 1988. He is an artist and interior designer. One of Jad’s latest projects was an "art attack" on buildings damaged in the war in Lebanon. This was part of the "WAR PEACE" project. He brought in national and international media with this. Not only countless newspaper articles but also various TV companies reported on this "art attack." Through the use of pen and ink, and a desire for lines and colours, Jad brought "Potato Nose" to life. An art creation of fictional characters that runs freely through compositions and that is both a reflection of family, friends and environment, but also refers to the people he met and to places visited during his travels, dreams and nightmares. Jad has successfully completed his master’s degree in interior design at the Fine Arts department of Lebanese University in Beirut. He then worked at various design agencies: Soma, Blank, Al Ghanim International. He has collaborated with, among others, Nadim Karam, a well-known Lebanese artist known for his large sculptures.  

Galleries Showing Jad El Khoury’s Work

Artwork by Jad El Khoury