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Jack Frame



Jack Frame was born in Chatham, Kent 1986. After graduating from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art in 2007, he returned to Kent where he now lives and works. Frame won the Jolomo Award for landscape painting in 2009 after his sell out degree show. In the past few years he has amassed a keen following of collectors both in the UK and internationally.

Jack has always been inspired and amazed by landscape and the countryside. His hometown provided him with a wealth of inspirations for his paintings. Trees have always been the main focal point of Jack’s work and in particular the blossom tree which has been painted as a recurring theme throughout his practice. He paints these trees almost as monuments, as the compositional focal point of each work and often set against his trademark gold backdrop. The use of metal leaf throughout his practice has become a distinct component of his unique style and one which is much loved by collectors.

The blossom trees become symbolic of humanity, of the cycle of life and the value of our relationship with the natural world. Jack has of course been heavily influenced by the great landscape painters before him; Samuel Palmer and of course, Turner and Constable who’s influence can be seen in Jack’s use of light and atmospheric skies.

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