J Tapani

United Kingdom

Minimalist Abstract (geometric)
Minimalist Abstract (geometric)

Finnish born artist, J Tapani takes much of his influence from Scandinavian minimalist design and compositions. Moving to London he studied art at Central St Martins and then pursued a successful career in advertising as an Art/Creative Director. In recent years Tapani has travelled extensively and concentrated on photography. Tapani creates beautiful abstracted shapes with the spaces he finds. He asks the viewer to reflect on their meaning as shapes and objects within the space. The photographs suggest another way of thinking about place. His photographs might take a viewer's thoughts away from themselves and then bring them back to thinking about where they find themselves and how the combination of the photograph within their space makes them feel. Tapani's sublime and timeless images draw the viewer in, to a meditative quiet space, and then prompt them to question the subject of the work.

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