Isabelle Beaubien



Born in 1980, Isabelle Beaubien is a native of Montreal Canada where she studied Fine Arts at Concordia University. Upon graduation, she went on to gain her Master’s degree in Contemporary Art from The Villa Arson, Nice, France. She spent the past 10 years in London where she worked and exhibit most of her work but she recently moved to the USA. She is hoping the Floridian sunshine will inspire her to get even more colourful… if even possible. "Although by nature a person who lives an organised lifestyle throughout my private life when in my studio my paintings take on my alter ego and almost becomes an accident waiting to happen. This seems to be driven by emotion, spirituality and chance. When finished I look at my work and am happiest when I feel that it is totally unique. I continue to experiment with textures, shapes, and paint mediums; this could be referred to as going back to basics." In a world where organisation, industry, and people expect so much of you, where even physical appearance is not left to nature makes her search more relevant. She goes back to basics, being free for an instant. Capturing the moment and reaching her individual concept of perfection. Similar to Richter’s technique she does not use brushes but creates her own tools; she takes a chance in one stroke that may or may not result in a great work. If one or more movements are necessary she will always subtract paint rather than adding as she is attracted by minimal art. Her mixed media paintings combine vibrant dynamic colours that generate excitement and trigger emotions. Acrylic being her main medium, enhanced by a resin used to create an amazing gloss, leaving a sculptured appearance to the completed work. The final effect is so strong that her paintings have often been mistaken for digital work or printmaking. It is at that moment that her works take all of the meaning; pushing the limits of the colours, textures, and forms to their extreme potential.

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