Irene Hoff

United Kingdom

Irene Hoff's figurative art is not only a visual way of expression but also a means of transferring ‘energy’ and insights to the person attracted to her work. She believes her art holds the potential of stirring positive thoughts, stimulating our ‘energy source’ and breaking down impeding feelings and beliefs.  She believes that the spaces we inhabit, where we live, work, play, eat and dream every day not only shape the way we feel but also our health, happiness, passion, and zest for life. They affect fundamental things such as our sleep, creativity, love, and our overall sense of self. Her mixed-media art truly reflects who she is: her lightness of being, instinctive curiosity, unbounded humour, intense perceptiveness, and infectious positivism. She translates onto a canvas an illustration of her perceptions enthralled in emotional and spiritual growth at the time of creation. Irene Hoff is recognized globally and has held solo exhibitions in Holland, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam.  

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Artwork by Irene Hoff