Iqi Qoror


Figurative Conceptual Surrealist
Figurative Conceptual Surrealist

A native of Indonesia, Iqi Qoror obtained a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts. His paintings revolve around the questions of trust, interspersed with fragments of modernity set against his own social experience. His multi-media works incorporate painting and embroidery and deal with themes of identity and human connection. Starting with the gradual dominance of the South East Asian art market, Qoror now has a growing international collector base through his exhibitions in international hot spots such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and now Los Angeles. Some of his recent exhibition highlights include; 'I Would Prefer Not to Do Anything,' (solo show) Hatch Art Project, Singapore and 'Mood Congruence,' (group show) Artplex Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2019 as well as the Hong Kong, Singapore and New York editions of Affordable Art Fair.

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