Idun Eustace

United Kingdom

Idun Eustace has lived in London with her family since the 1970s. Her work, up until recently, has identified with memories of places and people, especially the south west of Norway where she grew up. The area has a special light and landscape that lingers in her mind. Eustace painted from an early age , when her father encouraged her to join a painting class. She undertook a Fine Art, Painting & Art History degree , and trained with artists such as Francis Bowyer, PPres RWS, NEAC and Paul Newland NEAC . Eustace prefers not to be identified as either an abstract or figurative artist, because she believes that all art originates in the figurative. She is a painter’s painter & would describe herself as a colourist. She paints mainly on canvas, but occasionally on board, in all sizes. In recent years, Eustace's work and palette have become more simplified and the arti st wil l continue in this direction. The artist progressively enjoys working with colour fields. She continually researches other artists and recently she has been looking at the work of Rothko, Diebenkorn, Agnes Martin and Sean Scully. Picasso, Munch and Tapies have always been a constant reference and influence . Eustace finds that the artists she researches come in cycles she leaves them for a while & then returns to them (or to new artists, depending on what she’s working on). Munch inspires her with his handling of light, colour and emotion in his evocative Norwegian landscapes that she is so familiar with. Elements of the above artists can be found in her work as undoubtedly they will have had an influence. Eustace is also fascinated with the simplicity of Japanese art & architecture , which is somethiing she is investigating further at the moment. Eustace has also lectured in oil painting and life drawing since 1998 and has found it to be a great learning experience. She quotes Richard Feynmann who said “When you teach, you learn”. Selected exhibitions include; 2020 WAS Artfair; 2015 The Project Gallery, Arundel; 2014 ART50 , WAS artists group exhibition , London SW6 New Fetter Lane Gallery , London; 2013 Surrey Open Studios; 2012 New Fetter Lane Gallery , London Lacy Rd Gallery, London The Ladak Gallery, Sheen, London; 2011 New Fetter Lane Gallery , group exhibition Kingshill Kent, Corporate group exhibition; 2010 Neal’s Yard Galleries, London SW3 2009 Lacy Road Gallery, London Wandsworth Open House; 2008 Paolozzi Gallery, group exhibition; 2006 Landscapes seen and imagined ’’, Riverside Gallery, 2004 Richard Attenborough Gallery, The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond. 

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