Ian Scott Massie

United Kingdom

Ian Scott Massie is an artist and musician who lives in Masham, North Yorkshire. He was born in London in 1952 and, aged 6, his family moved to Langley near Slough. He grew up close to the childhood home of Paul Nash – an abiding influence in his work. He began painting professionally while a student in Durham. Working first in oils and screen print, his work progressed through pen and ink and acrylic paint before he found widespread success in the medium of watercolour. His work, then and now, focuses on portraying the personality of landscapes. His major themes are the effect of light and weather on landscapes chosen, coloured and textured to reveal their character. His books of painting and poetry include ‘Under a Northern Sky', ‘Spirit of Place’ and ‘Journeys.’ He has specialised for some years in single themed exhibitions. In addition to this, he exhibits regularly at galleries throughout the UK and has worked in print with major art publishers.  He is also a founder and events coordinator of the Masham Arts Festival and a founder of Artison arts and crafts teaching studios.  

Galleries Showing Ian Scott Massie’s Work

Artwork by Ian Scott Massie