Ian Parker

United Kingdom

Born in County Durham, Ian Parker moved to London to study at the Shoreditch College where he graduated in 1978. Since then, he has been living and working as a professional painter in the Lake District with his wife and three children. Ian was selected for the prestigious Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. After viewing his artwork in this occasion, Mark Monahan said; “A near perfect still life... Its subject bathed in a subtly atmospheric light, it makes you feel you could reach through the canvas and pluck the fruit from the painting”. Ian’s work is present in the collections of Kensington Palace, Lord Young of Graffham, David Kossoff, Lohnro Textiles, Courtauld Textiles, Nassau Community College, Eddie Shah, Tate & Lyle plc, alongside with many private collections around the world.

Galleries Showing Ian Parker’s Work

Artwork by Ian Parker