Ian Howorth

United Kingdom

Ian Howorth is a photographer born in Peru to British parents and now based in Brighton, UK. Ian's first monograph, 'Arcadia' was published by Setanta Publishing in 2019 and features fifty five colour images of his work. Ian gave an artist talk 'Ian Howorth – Urban Isolation on Film' at the London Institute of Photography, 2017. His press includes 'Fifty shades of Britain: the view from Peru', The Guardian, 2019; 'Seeking Arcadia', Huck Magazine, 2019. Artist statement; "Having lived in 3 different countries by the time I was 15, left me with a confused sense of identity. Going into my thirties much more sure-footed and confident, the need for answers was no longer desperate, but an important puzzle to for self-realisation. Due to unexpected turns in my career in video and filmmaking, I found myself with a stills camera in my hand, looking to it as a way to explore and document. Not wanting to pursue the other, I pursued what was close to me – the things that are always there every day yet somehow ignored and not scrutinised. Exploring England through its changing colour palettes, buildings, structures and signage, I tried to go back to a past as a young boy when England was nothing more than a holiday destination, following my father as he did the rounds visiting his family before returning to Peru, where he’s settled some 20 years prior and met and married my mother. Its this England that I sought to re-discover, in many ways, trying to cheat my mind into thinking these forgotten colour palettes and strange structures have always been a part of me and at the same time, trying to find out what makes a place a place, a culture a culture and for me, a home a home." Ian Howorth