Hugh Turvey

United Kingdom


Hugh works with traditional photographic techniques that produce images without a camera. By placing objects directly onto the surface of a photo-sensitive material and exposing it to light, a silhouette of the object is created on the material. It is a captured shadow of the object. These are called photograms and coincidentally were one of the first photographic imaging techniques used by William Fox Talbot, who called them photogenic drawings. Now, since the discovery of x-ray by Röntgen, it is possible to create x-ray photograms (e.g. skiagrams, Röntgenograms, shadowgraphs, radiographs). He has continued this classification naming heritage and created the term XOGRAM. (referencing ‘X’ for ‘unknown’, the Greek: out: έξω/éxo̱ and drawing: γραμμα/gramma).

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Artwork by Hugh Turvey