Henrie Haldane

United Kingdom

Artist Henrie Haldane trained at the New York College of Art & Design and continues to exhibit widely in London as well as throughout the UK and Europe. She has exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery with 'Art of Giving' and her commissions reside in both private and corporate collections worldwide. In Henrie’s use of deep canvas stretchers, where the paint is allowed to follow its own path, the composition is given a sense of freedom and is unconstrained like the landscape it reflects. Henrie paints mainly with oils, mixed with linseed oil, gesso and scumble glaze. Henrie will subtly weave in gold or silver leaf to intensify the texture of composition, building up layers and injecting depth into the canvas.

Galleries Showing Henrie Haldane’s Work

Artwork by Henrie Haldane