Henk Jan Sanderman


Realist Contemporary
Realist Contemporary

Henk Jan Sanderman is a painter from the Netherlands. After twelve years of marketing experience in a commercial environment, Henk changed courses and began teaching and practicing painting full time. His ideal combination between social interaction and creation, a true "master painter". Henk paints with great attention to detail, creating paintings in a modern realism style. After the experience he gained in making portrait paintings, he focused on making something close to his heart, humorous work. His work is Humorous Hyperrealism, in which Henk Jan sets out his objects in great detail against a black and white background creating a fantastic contrast. Portraits of Henk’s have been on display in Palet magazine, Atelier magazine, Coda Museum, Stadsmuseum Harderwijk, and Museum De Fundatie. In 2014 Henk Jan was a participant in the television program ' Sterren op het Doek ' and made a portrait of Seth Gaaikema. In 2015 he was asked for the final season of ' Sterren op het Doek ', with Omroep MAX returning the best artists of the past nine seasons.

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