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My work is bold, playful and full of optimism with a retro feel and makes a strong visual statement.

HelloMarine is a French printmaker and painter, a self-confessed lover and colour and pattern, living in Brighton, UK. Marine is full of optimism and good vibrations which she transcribes into her intensely colourful illustrations, print editions and acrylic paintings. Marine has been working for various clients all over the world for the last 12 years as well as exhibiting her personal work in galleries. With a striking simplicity and well curated colour palette, her work is both bold and memorable. The unashamedly retro feel and satisfying economy of lines in her pieces make for a strong visual statement. Her ever evolving influences include the work of Matisse, Margaret Kilgallen, 70’s aesthetic, Henri Rousseau, nature and interior design..

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Battersea Autumn
Battersea, London: 21 - 24 October 2021
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