Helena Moock

United Kingdom

Helena Moock graduated with a BA in painting from The University of Edinburgh in 2019. Alongside her own practice, Moock teaches printmaking at Heatherley School of Fine Art, London. Moock’s practice revolves around printmaking and painting. Working from life and drawing directly onto the linoleum, Moock is driven by capturing scenes in the ordinary, messy elements of everyday life. Beer cans, record players and old books all take on human psychology through closer inspection and lead to scenes of a more poetic meaning than purely objective. Lately, Moock has been investigating the impact and possibilities of colour in her Linocut prints, after initial explorations with chine-collé. Colour has the power to radically affect the viewing of a piece, creating a wider sense of depth and also setting distinctive moods. A print that is, in essence, a monochromatic drawing can go from being an objective time and place to having a niche time of day through a surface-blend sky. Moock explores the multi-block format as well as the reduction-method in relief, building on this development to her previously black-and-white linocuts. Moock’s prints aim to invite the viewer into scenes often overlooked, which are filled with a personal attachment to a memory/place/person. Her largest linocut to date ‘GameCube Days’ (90x55cm) explores the abstract wiring of the controllers as visual metaphors for the mind pathways you take when gaming. The print is heavy with nostalgia for happy times gaming with her brother and friends when younger, and through the meditative process of Linocutting, the hours you put in allow a greater sense of association to develop. In ‘Bike Vision’ , the first point perspective puts the viewer in the place of a cyclist, and the symmetrical grid of the handlebars creates a crucifix-like structure to the piece. Moock’s work often references literature, e.g. ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’, as well as wider visual culture from David Bowie’s iconic album covers, to the packaging of Tennent’s lager. Mock is drawn to the graphic imagery found on packaging and in typefaces as well as reflections in bottles. ,br> Group Exhibitions include Recent Graduates Exhibition, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, 2020; Degree Show, The Degree Show- Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, 2019; SORRY single launch, Corsica Studios Spit Tease Exhibition, 2018; The Foundation Year End of Year Exhibition, Royal Drawing School, London 2016; Heatherley’s Print exhibition, The Chapel, Brompton Cemetery, 2014. Solo Exhibitions include Grandma’s Floor: A Linoleum Legacy, The Gallery, St. Marylebone, 2018.