Helen Robinson

United Kingdom

Abstract Contemporary
Abstract Contemporary

Helen Robinson's atmospheric oil paintings represent impressionable moments in her life, mostly inspired by her love of travel and the sea. Following a career in town planning, Helen pursued her interest in art and has now been painting regularly for over 15 years. In 2013, she obtained an Honours degree in Art History when she found she was drawn mostly to artists who painted light. Influences include the 17th century Dutch landscape painters and William Turner, particularly his works. Helen's recent paintings are contemporary sea and cloudscapes which have a strong sense of light, mystery and drama. Memories and photographs of travel and sailing experiences provide the starting point for her work which then evolves in a more abstracted way. She focuses on the way light interacts with sky, earth and water - both vast expanses of sea and intricate salt marshes with their detailed patterns of water channels responding to various stages of the tide. Colour, tonal blending and expressive brush marks convey different moods and kinds of weather from calm to stormy conditions.

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