Helen Jones

United Kingdom

Helen Jones adopts an embodied drawing process in which she applies black pigment to large swathes of paper, smoothing and smudging the marks with her hands, then removes the pigment with pencil erasers and abrasive materials to reveal landscapes and cloud formations. She repeats this process to build up a complex and layered tonal image. Much like in the sky, the clouds emerge and remain fluid throughout this transformational process. For Helen the sky is an omnipresent and compelling force, it provides both somewhere to escape to and something to shelter from. She believes that the elements have a direct effect on our emotions and motivations; we are uplifted or made anxious, soothed or terrified by them. Helen attempt to utilise this invisible force in her drawing practice, she wants to overwhelm the viewers senses with the immense and volatile possibilities of air; a reflection of ourselves, our relationships, and our world.  “I want my work to use the force of nature to bowl the viewer over, make them dizzy, feel the overwhelming excitement, fear of the unknown, vastness, power and possibilities...”    

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Artwork by Helen Jones