Helen Bellaver

United States

Abstract Minimalist Contemporary
Abstract Minimalist Contemporary

Helen Bellaver is a studio painter currently working in water based media on paper and canvas. Bellaver has been an exhibiting artist since 1970 and has worked in commercial and nonprofit galleries. While Bellaver considers herself self-taught. she has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area art community for nearly 4 decades. She has held professional positions ranging from gallery manager, corporate art program coordinator, gallery assistant, and gallery installer. In 2000, Bellaver dedicated herself to full-time studio practice. Bellaver has had many influences that have affected her work over the years. In the 1990’s, she obtained a Griffin Press and found that working in printmaking was an art-process breakthrough that influenced her vision and direction. Today the artist is inspired by Francis Bacon for his bravery, boldness and color; Joan Schulze for her poetic license; Brice Marden for his genius in line, and all artist story tellers.

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