Heidi Laughton

United Kingdom

Classic Documentary Impressionist Minimalist Contemporary Modernist
Classic Documentary Impressionist Minimalist Contemporary Modernist

Heidi Laughton is a new, emerging artist based in the UK. Her paintings of peaceful abstract landscapes lend a calming presence to interior spaces. Painted with soft, muted colour palettes, and expressive strokes, they have an atmospheric ambience. Heidi’s artistic curiosity and innate desire to seek out creativity, means that she has always been immersed in visual imagery in a variety of forms. Most of her former career was in creative services, working for BMG Records and Sony Music, commissioning and overseeing music video production. She has also worked as a professional photographer in the US and has been a judge at international photography fairs. Her travelling photographic exhibition “Spirit Hawk Eye: A Celebration of American Native Culture” has been exhibited at galleries and museums in the US and UK. Heidi’s painting style is organic and intuitive. Often it’s the nuances of subtle colour combinations which are evocative and atmospheric. Using a combination of mediums including acrylics, oils, pastels, glazes and metallics, Heidi enjoys experimenting and taking risks in order to explore the boundaries of the mediums. Heidi continues to learn and expand her painting techniques, and hence her painting style is continually evolving.

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