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Hatty Butler



Hatty Butler is a contemporary portrait artist who lives and works in Cheshire, UK. She obtained her MFA from Bath Spa University in 2016.

Honours and awards include being shortlisted for the Jerwood Visual Arts prize (2017) and winner of the 'Visitors Choice' award at the Royal Arts Prize, La Galleria Pall Mall, London (2017). Hatty's work is regularly exhibited at solo and group gallery shows and fairs She also produces regular portrait commissions.

'My work is about people. Exploring their vulnerability, capturing an honest and exposed resemblance, creating a vivid and forceful image. My portraits are not about the face alone, they portray and question the emotions and experiences behind it. I make decisions about my work based upon how I am feeling. I know a piece has been successful when it has challenged and confronted me, it comes together as a whole and is energetic and commanding. I choose to use oil paint, it is malleable, thick and creates an incredible texture. Using a palette knife alongside this means that I can drag the paint and also become less precious about my work, as it forces me to make mistakes.

My aim in to convey emotion, experience and struggle via contemporary art, creating dynamic, vivid images. My love for texture, method and material helps me capture these emotions. I am passionate about using my art to celebrate unique and interesting people. Highlighting and embracing those who may normally be overlooked or criticised for being different. We live in a society where the abnormal is laughed at and my aim is to alter these outdated views. Art can be the most innovative and compelling form of providing change within our society. I challenge the viewer, encouraging them to look deeper into the painting than just the portrait itself, to raise internal issues and try to comprehend them.' - Hatty Butler

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