Harry Brioche

United Kingdom

Impressionist Contemporary
Impressionist Contemporary

Harry Brioche was born is a Seychelles in 1965 to American and Creole parents. However, in 1977 a Coup d’etat forced his family to flee their home. Harry’s family eventually settled in England in 1980 where they embraced a new country and culture far removed from his childhood. Harry undertook formal art training at Maidstone College of Art but as he was forced to leave due to his unwillingness to conform he considers himself a self-taught artist. Harry has a passion for the contrasting drama and beauty of the English countryside. This is evident in Harry’s majestic paintings which capture landscapes. Of the constantly changing British skies are a key component of Harry’s work, resulting in breath-taking, expansive paintings. Harry’s work has lead him to a highly successful career as an illustrator and graphic designer. Harry launched his own company, ‘Tom Dick and Harry’, and worked with global brands including Dr.Martens, Coca Cola and BAE systems. Harry’s work is highly regarded by his peers in the art world and is regularly selected to feature in NEAC, ROI and the RBA annual exhibitions at the Mall Gallery in London.

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