Graham Cooke

United Kingdom

Graham Cooke, born 1962 in England, studied both fine art and three-dimensional design at Southampton School of Art, L'ecole des Beaux Arts du Havre and Kingston School of Art and Design. He then went onto working on commercial design projects with theatres and television shows at the same time as developing his fine art practice. His training as a designer transpires throughout his paintings and prints were familiar building are combined with one another and interwoven with land and seascapes thereby creating surrealist shapes and worlds. Through these subject distortions and play of perspectives, Graham re-evaluates the whole notion of archetypal space and scale, both on paper and canvas. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at No.9 The Gallery in Birmingham, The White Room Gallery in Bath and in Spain where he now lives. Graham has also taken part in many group shows ranging from displays at the Victoria & Alber museum to exhibitions at Warwick Castle and commercial galleries.

Galleries Showing Graham Cooke’s Work

Artwork by Graham Cooke