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Gordon Barker



Gordon Barker was born in Gibraltar, but moved around the world whilst his father was serving in the army. They finally settled in Northamptonshire when he was 12, but currently lives in Torquay, fulfilling his dream of living by the coast.

Gordon states that in late 1983, he sold his first painting to a recording company in Milton Keynes. This gave him the confidence to promote his art to a wider market, and it worked. Over the next few years he sold over nine hundred originals to companies like MTV Europe, The Gap, AT&T and also many private collectors, many of which were commissions which have helped to develop his unique style of painting.

He works in various styles and materials, using a wide variety of techniques. He mainly paints naive landscapes and abstracts in acrylic on either box canvasses or acid free paper.

I have paintings in corporate and private collections in many countries in the world such as France, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Artist's statement:
"The landscapes I paint are mostly ones that I’ve created in my imagination. I like to make the pictures ‘busy’ so that each time someone looks at it they notice something else going on. I prefer bright vivid colours that grab people’s attention rather than drab and boring.
I am passionate about my creations and as soon as I finish a painting I am constantly thinking of my next one. I never lose the desire to create another work of art. The best thing about being an artist is that I start off with a blank white canvas and gradually, as my imagination takes over, the colours flow until I finish with a colourful, busy story that I hope will grab people’s attention and take their imagination to another level.
I want people to enjoy my art and see things in my paintings that also mean something personal to them. We have 3 cats and I almost always paint a cat in my pictures – sometimes you will have to look hard to find them!
My pictures appeal to both adults and children, each person seeing in the image what they want to see. A child may look at it and see just a train, an adult may look at that same train and remember a ride they took many years ago – it is all a personal journey. Each one as individual as my art form".

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