Giulio Rigoni



The art of Giulio Rigoni, who was born in Rome in 1976, transports us into a two- dimensional world where the apparent immobility of faces, gardens, labyrinths, castles and towers take on the orderly sobriety of late medieval painting and where perspective planes open, like wunderkammer, on amazing fairytale views. Allegory is a recurring theme in Rigoni’s artistic creations. His invented sitters and architectural settings all emerge from the kaleidoscope of an imaginary golden age, establishing a silent conversation with the viewer. At the same time, there is always a playful dimension to Rigoni’s work which, combined with the influence of late Gothic art and a meticulous eye for detail, adds to the air of enchantment. Rigoni typically uses oil paint on wood although over time, he has expanded his research to include other materials such as paper, brass and fabric.

Galleries Showing Giulio Rigoni’s Work

Artwork by Giulio Rigoni