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Giorgia Siriaco



Giorgia Siriaco works in mixed media, using a combination of clay paint, house paint, pens and pencils, gold leaf and paper to create pieces that have a timeless colour palette and rich, organic quality. A research scientist by day, with a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, she started painting in 2013 after taking a mixed media art class. She found the process of working through a painting completely absorbing and has been painting almost every day since.

Each painting encourages her to step outside her comfort zone. She uses an intuitive process, each layer allows her to build, strip away, until she can articulate a sensation, starting with an idea and often ending up in a very different place. Painting allows her to let go, to learn that a “mistake” will simply lead her in another, equally rewarding, direction, finding balance in shapes and colors. She is influenced by her immediate surroundings – the light, the seasons – in addition to the images she sees while looking down a microscope.

The current body of work explores how we feel when facing a period of transition. This usually brings up many questions. What to do next? Where to go? What opportunities will this bring? What will we have to let go of? The prospect of change makes us question what it is we call home. What are the elements that make us feel at home? Familiar surroundings – furniture, buildings, streets – or a particular nuance in the light? A sense of community that makes us feel rooted and safe? The series evolved to explore how change brings up our fear of the unknown, our desire to control and predict the future. How do we find balance, how do we learn to live with our fears while allowing the future to blossom into something beautiful?

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