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Gillian Hyland



Gillian Hyland is an image-maker; she personally composes every aspect of her pictures. Originally from Ireland, storytelling is part of Gillian Hyland’s heritage. Whether the tale is set in the modern day or centuries ago, the common emotional threads remain the same and will still be relevant tomorrow. By challenging our perceptions, it enables us to gain new insight and experience life in a different way, giving us a richer understanding of ourselves and the people around us.

Hyland’s photographic series, which include amongst others 'Words in Sight', are inspired by poetry written by the artist, portraying raw feelings from personal experiences. Each poem encapsulates her memories and emotions in words; when transformed into images, a new perspective is offered on past events. Through the staging of fictional environments, imaginative and theatrical, her characters’ emotions are emphasised by playing with colours, symbols, texture and aesthetic settings, in order to produce an evocative atmosphere. The resulting images are not a literal description of a memory but an ambience, enabling the emotional core and mood to shine through. The imagery plays with our notions of nostalgia, and taps into society’s cultural understanding of feelings and beliefs. The composition of each image suggests a larger narrative within a single moment.

Hyland’s recent exhibitions and awards include; the North Valley Art League; 2014 International Juried Photography Show, winning second place; Unforgiven, Carter House Gallery, California (2014); Unlimited Grain Gallery Photography Book Competition, Netherlands (2014); PDN Curator Awards (2014); and the Royal Photographic Society International Print exhibition 157, touring the UK until 2015. Hyland is also the winner of the Gallery Photographica San Francisco International Photography Exhibition, 2014 and won medals in two categories of the PX3 – Prix de la photographie Paris, 2014.


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