Gillian Haig

United Kingdom

Gill grew up on a sheep farm in East Gippsland, giving her a strong connection to land and nature. She studied painting at RMIT, where she was inspired by artists such as Elizabeth Gower and Rosalie Gasgoigne, and was awarded the RMIT Travelling Scholarship. As her career commenced she began to look at ways to layer paint and colours, and works with a multitude of mediums to express her artistic ideas. Gill enjoys the challenge of expressing the inner through the outer, and hopefully discovering beauty in the process. She creates semi-abstract expressionist subjects in landscapes, colourful and rambling flower paintings and striking still life paintings. “My imagination is given scope and room to roam by moving between detailed work and loose naivety, and further, through the diversity of artist tools and the materials I use - oil, acrylic, ink, water color, Japanese sumi brushes, hand made paper, charcoal and more. Whether it be a kind of contemporary realism or abstract scenes I see my work as visual landscapes, playful, vivid and alive.” Gill continues to experiment with new concepts, forms and materials. Over time she established herself as a respected community artist, exhibiting her work widely, and her work is collected both locally and internationally.

Galleries Showing Gillian Haig’s Work

Artwork by Gillian Haig