Gillian Garnica

United Kingdom

Gillian Garnica is a printmaker specialising in intaglio methods. Her work is about paring down line and form to a minimum in order to create a quiet yet powerful presence. Gillian’s background as a photographer informs her approach to printmaking as she seeks out chance compositions in the world, reducing structures to their most basic, as if discovering a found drawing. It is this distillation that interests her most and the indirect nature of etching lends itself perfectly to this Chinese whispering effect. These spare compositions convey a repose from the noise and fast pace of contemporary life. The work is both the feel of the printed paper as an object and the small details within, asking to be looked at closer to notice subtle variations that add depth and character to the piece. “I am drawn to etching because of the alchemy of the medium. I embrace the fact that this process makes you slow down, and that you never quite know what you are going to get until the plate is printed."

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Artwork by Gillian Garnica