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Gartner became active in the field of visual art in his own personal way: through music – more precisely jazz , bossa nova – and distant travel – especially Brazil , country of melting pot of cultures . The native culture, the texture and the “earth” colours are the basis of an uninterrupted research.

By a gradual process of progressive purification and originality, Gartner’s “individual style ” was born.

Always in evolution, his recent paintings have disparate origins: they are rooted in mysticism, poetry, mythology, archaeology, symbolism of nature or within the very personality of the artist himself. In his typical vocabulary of forms and techniques, he realizes works which testify to his authenticity and power of expression. Symbols, signs, characters and abstraction are interlinked in ever changing variations.

Gartner’s paintings cannot be explained unequivocally. It does take time to explore them. Gartner’s artistic output is further characterised by a conscious introduction of duality within the same work.

Gartner is a painter in the true sense of the word: his pictorial craftmanship appears to be innate. I would state that Gartner always transcends the purely material level of art, regardless of the material substrate and on the extra-pictorial elements he introduces in his works. Gartner always reaches the level of spiritualization.

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