Gareth Hayward

United Kingdom

Gareth Hayward is a London based artist and for the past 18 years has worked as a fashion and textile designer. Gareth Hayward did not follow the conventional path of a fine artist. His ability to adapt to trend direction has both influenced and refined his use of imagery to translate his ideas.Initially he worked with acrylic paint on canvas. Now he has embraced technology to use a combination of his own photography. Part of the make up comes from historical references and hand drawn elements. Gareth Hayward’s work is quite simply a depiction of thoughts and feelings. Influences are important to him at that particular moment in time, from New York skyscrapers to natural history.“I do not wish to follow a conventional thought process, which is why my work can change and evolve quickly. From a contemporary interpretation of an 18th century hunting scene to a haunting image of a pheasant suspended in a glass dome.” – Gareth HaywardThe art work is organic and his ideas transform in a way that may not have been his initial intention.As he explains “I have learned to accept and trust in this process”.

Galleries Showing Gareth Hayward’s Work