Gail Postal

United Kingdom

American painter Gail Postal currently lives and works in New York. Her widespread educational background includes study at National Academy School of Fine Arts, New York, Three Year Certificate Art Student's League, New York, Sculpture Center, New York, New School, New York, Fordham University, New York, Ph.D, Brooklyn College, New York, M.S. and Brooklyn College, New York, B.A. Postal's solo exibitions include; 2016 “Gail Postal,” Foyer Gallery, Art Institute & Gallery, Salisbury, MD; 2014 "Contemporary Icons: Gail Postal,” Pearl Theatre, New York, NY; 2012 “ICONIC: Works by Gail Postal,” Tazza Gallery, New York, NY; 2012“Gail Postal,” Foyer Gallery, Art Institute & Gallery, Salisbury, MD and 2009 “Contemporary American Icons,” Edward Williams Gallery, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, NJ. Recent group exhibitions include; 2019 “Annual International Exhibition,” University of Texas at Tyler, juror: Christina Rees, Tyler, TX; 2019 “Face Time 2019,” Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, jurors: Wendy Caporale and Grace DeVito, Greenwich, CT; 2019 “24th Arts in Harmony: 2019 Annual International Show,” Hopkins Center for the Arts, juror: Robert Meyers, Hopkins, MN; 2019 “122nd Annual Open Exhibition,” Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, jurors: Renato Danese, Thomas Tacik, Austin Williams, New York, NY; 2018 “76th Annual Exhibition,” Audubon Artists, New York, NY and 2018 “90th Grand National Exhibition,” The American Artists Professional League, juror: Stephanie L. Herdrich, New York, NY.

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