Fredi Gertsch


Figurative Pop Art Expressionist Surrealist
Figurative Pop Art Expressionist Surrealist

“Humour and positive feelings are important to me; the smiles of the viewers, the joys of the gallery visitor is the desired award for me,” said Gertsch of his work. “Like the primordial mother of all living beings, the cow appears in every painting. I bring colors into harmony which at first glance to not seem to fit and combine different techniques into a vibrating production.” 

Fredi Gertsch trains his inexhaustible imagination in the studio, inventing new stories on canvas daily. He has no limits, but the most common theme in his work is always that of the cow. Numerous cows, calves, and bulls of the Emme Valley in Switzerland graze in the cool apartments of city dwellers and countryside homes in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.   

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Artwork by Fredi Gertsch