Frea Buckler

United Kingdom

Frea Buckler is a multi-disciplinary artist applying her process-led methodology to sculpture, installation and unique screenprinted drawings. Exploring the interplay between the conscious and subconscious, Frea uses reason and intuition to create dynamic and deeply saturated geometric compositions. She describes this method as “either a dance or a wrestling” depending on how it's going; “it’s about making a move and responding to it”. Whilst her works resemble hard edge abstraction, her approach has more in common with abstract expressionism.  Her rhythmic pieces explore sensations of balance and imbalance, loud and quiet, fast and slow. They are made up of modular elements, shapes collected from found forms and everyday objects. Her ambiguous configurations are seemingly caught mid transformation, they do not appear fixed but in a state of transition; patterns emerge but irregularity is key. “I see inspiration everywhere, quite often in ordinary things, discarded items or litter on the street, piles of objects waiting to be put to use, street furniture, shapes and shadows in architecture, combinations of colours in unexpected places.”  

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Artwork by Frea Buckler