Fraser Renton

United Kingdom

As far back as he can remember, Fraser has always had a love for linear geometrics and colour field paintings. He sees the world we live in as a place full of linear-geometric constructions with enhanced colour vibrancies. He says, 'My fascination for both these art forms has inspired me for many years, from great artists such as Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, Ilya Bolotowsky, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. I feel that many of the works from these fine artists represent some of the most intellectually fascinating and visually stimulating geometric and colour field art ever conceived'. 'I love abstract in all forms but Digital, Geometric, Hard Edge and Minimalist are what fascinates me the most. Colour field plays a huge part in my experimentation and creation. Focusing on multiple colours, sharp lines, three dimensional shapes and multi layered optical illusions, I prepare my visions digitally, using colour fields and multiple layers, before transferring these creations to ‘one-off’ original pieces. Using acrylic paints on canvas, birch-ply or aluminium surfaces, for me there needs to be an edge to the works, whether that be using gradients, texture or subtleties in the colour. For works that are resin coated, this extra element protects the finished pieces from moisture, heat and physical stress'. 'My goals are to conceptualise, capture and design new and enticing linear-geometric abstract art that delivers a capacity to create fascination, evoke deep thought through beauty as well as engage great emotion and distill mood for the viewers'.

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