Frank Zhen


Pop Art Surrealist Illustrative
Pop Art Surrealist Illustrative

Art has been a passion for Frank Zhen since his youth, who would as a child spend hours drawing on paper. As he matured, he experienced an intense urge to paint to express his feelings, and undertook a number of short courses in painting from 2006 to 2011. His first solo show launched his signature icon by fusing the stylized red paper-cut head of a lion to the paper-cut body of a fish to form that singular representation of Singapore – a paper-cut merlion, but in paint! His works are usually replete with auspicious bicolour Chinese symbols in red and white, although he is also progressing from linear paper-cut designs to more complex patterning and modelling. Frank’s shows have been covered by Channel NewsAsia on television and the Straits Times in print.

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Artwork by Frank Zhen