Francesco D’Adamo


Abstract Conceptual Expressionist
Abstract Conceptual Expressionist

Francesco is the Painter of Music. He employs quick brush strokes and applies layers to create the fundamentals of his paintings. The essence of musical movements is captured in his works in an abstract way and by his subtle use of colors. Very often he insists on mixing colors by hand-grinding pigments himself to attain those particular and unique color tints he desires. A pertinent color element – the opaque and intense black pigment prevails in all his paintings in form of vividly twirling strokes, these remind us of musical notes that dance all over the canvas. One can observe from his works the rhythm of movements with quick black lines and the flow of rock energy, which is a synergy of fine arts and contemporary music. Each painting in this series is a moment of time, and a piece of music in the form of fine art painting. Francesco expresses his sentiments through the strength of diverse colors that combine sounds and images in his particular and unique synesthesia.

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Artwork by Francesco D’Adamo