Francesca Lupo

Born in Italy in 1980, Francesca Lupo is an artist and architect living in Turin. After classical studies she graduated in Architecture and began her career working in both Paris and Italy, working in interior design and restoration. In 2012 she achieved her dream of working in the fine art world exhibiting her mixed-media collages in the Paratissima Art Fair, Turin. Having been selected as one of the top 15 artists of the exhibition she has since exhibited regularly, most recently at the Affordable Art Fair in Milan where she was one of the ‘Young Talents’ of the show. Her mixed media collages including cloth, newspaper, thin paper, wood and plastic and vintage materials are scenographies reinventing 1950’s and 1960‘s interiors and design. Using stamps as paintings and fragments of handwritten letters or vintage magazines for wallpaper, the viewer is drawn into the interior becoming part of the era represented. Juxtaposed to the colourful interiors are black and white images of selected actors - the ‘celebrities’ of the day.

Galleries Showing Francesca Lupo’s Work

Artwork by Francesca Lupo