Fiona Morley

United Kingdom

Fiona Morley was born in 1974, United Kingdom Born in Hereford, England, Fiona Morley’s artwork is a combination of illustration and sculptural relief that is achieved with wire, as the line can be taken off the page and into space. Morley’s work essentially looks at our humanity, and themes she enjoys exploring are: our relationships with ourselves, with loved ones and the wider community; motherhood, and individuality; explorations into our thoughts and the pursuit of freedom from thought. In her most recent work, Morley uses symbolism through the natural world, such as animals, birds and plant life to represent different aspects of our inner selves. These symbols illustrate primarily the tension between the ‘enlightened’ self and the bestial, but also an attempt to express the ultimate interconnection of all things. “My inspiration comes from within. External experience is internalised, and my work is my personal processing made into form. The outcome often brings with it a sense of humour, which I feel is one of the more essential qualities for navigating ourselves through this life.”

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Artwork by Fiona Morley