Finlay McInally

United Kingdom


Finlay McInally studied printmaking in Aberdeen and Chelsea School of Art, working mostly with traditional print methods. His upbringing on the Isle of Skye, with its sense of spirit and atmosphere has had a profound influence on his work. Finlay’s current geometric prints can be seen as a merging of external landscapes with those of inner spaces of thought and emotion. His interest in links between illness, art and wellbeing suggests places or objects of contemplation - perhaps having potential for healing and protection. His carefully thought out use of colour has emerged from experiences of travel, to India and Nepal in particular, and from the constantly changing colours of Scottish landscape. In making a print, Finlay usually begins with a drawing from one of his many sketchbooks or journals. From here he goes on a kind of journey: scaling up and stretching the image, digitally manipulating and transforming it into something new. The resulting, abstracted prints can be thought of in any number of ways, allowing the viewer to come to their own meaning or understanding. Although skilled in traditional printing methods, Finlay has recently embraced new digital technologies and enjoys the ability of vector images to be scaled to any size. His recent MPhil at the Royal College of Art has led him to work with large-scale print as part of installations, as well as moving image, performance and writing. Finlay has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. He works from his home studio in Brighton.

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