Felicity Beaumont

United Kingdom

Felicity Beaumont is figurative artists graduating with a BA (hons) in Fine Art from the University of Suffolk in 2019. Beaumont lives and works in Suffolk. Felicity Beaumont is a figurative artist, who has exhibited nationally with the likes of The Guggleton GO FIGURE collective, The Rafiki Gallery, The Ingram Collection and Art For Cure. Beaumont is concerned with how we, as a contemporary society, relate to the body. Using imagery from social media, personal archive, publicly submitted imagery, pornography, film and pop culture, she crops, stylises and re-situates images of the body to inhabit the space of the abstract, stylised painting. The colourful works she creates explore the viewer/painting relationship, recognisability, abstraction, and discuss the significance of the body in contemporary society; focusing on subjects of diversity, sexualisation, stereotyping, male and female gaze, objectification, gender and identity. She is ultimately interested in how abstraction and the repositioning of the human form can address the socially constructed ideologies surrounding the body. The process is a vital part of her painting practice and the physical photographic crop is an intrinsic stage in the investigation of the figure. The cropping process can vary between an intentional focus on a specific area of a body, or random zooming and resizing processes. Through this process, the human body is undeniable within the painting, yet an unconventional angle and non-traditional perspective encourage the viewer to readdress their perception of the painted body. Beaumont’s most recent practice has been an experimental creative process, exploring the de-contextualisation of pornographic or ‘explicit’ material. Her cropping and stylisation of these images hope to reframe the female nude outside of conventional voyeurism and encourage an awkwardness in viewing the painted body from unknown provenance. Group exhibitions include Recent Graduates Exhibition, The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, 2020; Art For Cure, The Big 100 - Online Biennial, May 2020; The Rafiki Gallery Home, Online Exhibition, May 2020; 2m Squared CO(pe)VID 19 Archive, Online Exhibition, April 2020; The Ingram Collection, Young Contemporary Talent, The Cello Factory, London, 2019; Guggleton, GO FIGURE, The Gugg, Stalbridge, 2019; UOS Degree Show, Nexus, University of Suffolk, Ipswich, 2019.

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