Fei Alexeli

United Kingdom


Fei Alexeli is a digital artist, born and raised in Serres, Greece. Her practise involves a combination of mixed media, using photography, photo-manipulation and digital collage. While studying Architecture in Oxford, she discovered a passion for visual arts and gained her Bachelor of Arts. She later finished her post-graduate architectural studies at the University of East London.   In her work, Alexeli likes to create a dialogue between fiction and reality by bringing a touch of surrealism to everyday life. Her prints speak to the architectural and she often contrasts picturesque landscapes with simple geometrics or scenes of outer space. By depicting utopian microscopes and parallel universes, she offers a vibrant escape from our own reality.   Alexeli has exhibited worldwide, including London, New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Hamburg. She currently splits her time between London and Amsterdam.

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Artwork by Fei Alexeli