Farzin Foroutan


Conceptual Surrealist
Conceptual Surrealist

My practice concerns social issues with references to history and culture through a convergence of interest in anthropology and sociology. I try to express the world around me. My starting point is my surrounding, my memory, but with my very personal perception of things. I try to trace my relationship to society and the world in it is the most sensitive way.

Farzin Foroutan is a Berlin-based, Iranian artist who works across photography and visual arts. His works focus on social issues, people, and the simple aspects of human life, and the relation of them to nature with references to his personal life and living experiences. After completing his studies at the IRIBU University of Tehran in Digital Arts, he started his Master's studies in Visual Arts at the Eastern Mediterranean University of Cyprus. At the moment, he is doing his second master's studies in Communication Design and Creative Strategies at HMKW Berlin.

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