Ewa Hauton

United Kingdom

Delicate, vibrant, powerful, Ewa Hauton's work won't leave anyone indifferent. Born in Poland, where she studied Fine Arts, Ewa Hauton arrived in France in 1990. She won the prize "Les stars de la peinture" the first year. After obtaining a diploma of Artistic Director in Advertising, she began an activity of graphic designer, visual artist, and scenographer, while begining an artistic career, painting and sculpting. For more than 10years, she has devoted herself exclusively to painting. Her encounter with a choreographer will determine the direction of her work towards movement, as a profound representation of life. Her work focuses on the body, especially the women's curves. Between ink and oil paint,, Ewa gets rid of the superfluous of forms and materials. She gives life to the movement, with accuracy and skill. On her ink works, a touch of colour comes to pierce the black and white, like a geyser of life that brings us back to the essential. The large scales allow her freedom of action that contributes to the blossoming of her work, mixing painting and drawing. Ewa's work, like an oscillating mirage, touches us with a subtle sensibility and leaves us fascinated in front of such transparency.

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