Eric Haacht

United Kingdom

Eric Haacht is a self-taught artist hailing from the South West of England. His expressive paintings fall into the realm of portraiture yet remain ambiguous, features only emerging unintentionally through his swirling brush strokes and enfolding vivid colours. The figures are not literal self-portraits, but for Eric, something of the self emanates through them as he paints quickly and subconsciously. He describes his works as like diary entries, a repetitive daily process through which he captures certain moods or emotions. Eric is interested in the fabric of time and space, and aims to convey figures existing outside of these constraints, as if caught in a void, subject to unknown and imperceptible forces. Francis Bacon is of great influence to the artist, and like Bacon, his paintings play in the uncanny space between the familiar and the unrecognisable. “My paintings are essentially about life and death, I think all forms of portraiture are really a way of confronting our own mortality, and leaving something of ourselves behind.”

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Artwork by Eric Haacht