Emma Forrester

United Kingdom

Emma Forrester graduated in 1993 with a degree in Fine Art from Liverpool University. She worked as a scenic artist in the theatre on many West-End shows and Royal Opera House productions before concentrating on creating and exhibiting her own paintings. She says, ”My paintings are created to evoke not simply the beauty of flowers, but also their vitality and strength. As images they demand attention and space – they refuse to be purely decorative. I try to create paintings which in some sense capture the movement of flowers. They are rarely static and I try not to pin them down as in a botanical illustration. Some paintings are quite abstracted as I try to convey the essence of the flower rather than portray it in a pictorial representation.” To create these artworks she uses ”layers of carefully built up texture, juxtaposed with delicate washes of colour”, creating great depth and variety of tone. Her more recent works, including many still lives, bear an expressive use of line to portray everyday objects. Born in Stoke -on -Trent, the home of the pottery industry, she and her family have a life long appreciation of ceramics. The celebration of this once great industry is hopefully apparent in this recent body of work.

Galleries Showing Emma Forrester’s Work

Artwork by Emma Forrester