Émilie Coquil



Émilie Coquil is a french ceramic artist living in Montreal who works with porcelain and digital photography. She received a Master's Degree in Visual Communication in Birmingham in 2005 (UK) before moving to Canada to study ceramics and psychology. In a context of hegemony of the digital image in our culture, she reaffirms the necessity for a tactile and poetic experience of viewing. She transforms her digital photographs into "sensible images" using the old printing process of photolithography on clay. "Strongly influenced by street photography and an early internship at Magnum photo Paris but also by street art and the aesthetic movement of Wabi-sabi, I seek to celebrate the beauty of the ephemeral frozen into the clay material and to question the viewer about his own interiority." Her work has been shown at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and various events in Canada, England and France and is now available at Artêria gallery.

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Artwork by Émilie Coquil