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Elliot Walker



Walker has been working as a glass maker for 4 years and has recently graduated from an MA degree in Applied arts From the University of Wolverhampton.

“I have chosen to sculpt in glass mainly for the materials immediacy, transparency and the intensity of the sculpting experience. Once you begin a piece you have to see it through to the end in one session. The process itself is very physically and mentally challenging. You are exposed to temperatures of over 1000 degrees and the process of coaxing a complex form out of the liquid glass is unlike working with any other material. The pieces are not cast, not carved or ground into shape. Until the very last second the sculpture is a moving living entity, then frozen in time as the glass sets”.

The ideology surrounding the human body has always interested Walker.

A number of his sculptures are inspired by our use of the human image to represent our deities.

Throughout history the selective exaggeration of the body has often been used to represent the ideological transcendence of the human form and Walkers aim is to expand on this tradition through his sculptures.

“I often produce one-off sculptures that have been distorted through cutting or cracking the surface of the glass to represent the degradation of many works of art through time, although the use of glass as a medium ensures the opposite, as glass is impervious to all but the harshest forms of erosion”.

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